Landscape Design and Services in Portland

Portland Landscape Design

Portland Landscape Design

If your home or business could use a little facelift, you should call Portland Landscape Pros to give your landscape an overhaul and make your home or business stand out from the crowd. We are proud to offer a wide variety of landscaping services to the residents and business owners of Portland and the surrounding areas. We have a great team of highly-skilled contractors that construct hardscapes, raised beds, flower beds, do stonework, and much more. They have years of experience working with homes and businesses in the Portland area and know what plants work with the local soil. This improves your plant’s chances or survival and ability to thrive and grow. We offer many different landscaping services. If it has to do with your yard, chances are, we can handle the project.

Here are a few of the landscaping services that we provide:

  • Dirt Work
  • Flower Planting
  • Raised Beds
  • Gravel Sidewalk Installation
  • Lawn Service
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
  • Hardscaping
  • Stone Work
  • And much more!

Our Landscape Construction Of Hard And Soft Landscaping

Hard landscaping, or hardscaping, is the construction of raised beds, gardens, patios, decks, pavilions, walls, retaining walls, pergolas, arbors, gravel sidewalk installation, and more. Our hardscape contractors are some of the best in the business and we have experience building some of the most complex hardscapes imaginable.

Soft landscaping, or softscaping, is the planting of the plants in the yard, flower beds, or gardens. This is usually the last step in the landscaping project and really makes the yard, flower bed, or garden pop with color and style. Our team of experts have many years of working in the Portland area and know the soil type and what works best. Not just any plant or flower works with the soil in the Portland area so we have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with your flower planting.

Water Feature Design And Construction

Portland Landscape Pros can handle any of your water construction needs as well. We can construct water features as well as install the proper irrigation or sprinkler system to ensure that your plants get the proper amount of water and that water is not standing in one place and drowning your plants. We have trained contractors to handle any dirt work needed to control the water flow. Our contractors understand the importance of water in all aspects and will ensure that your yard and plants get the proper amount of water needed.

Our Maintenance Advice And Services

Portland Landscape Pros also offer lawn maintenance, advice, and service to keep your yard and beds looking beautiful all year round. We mow, edge, trim, spray for weeds, upkeep the garden and flower beds, inspect the irrigation and sprinkler systems and more. We offer a wide variety of services for your home or business. If you want to keep your yard looking good all year, we recommend giving us a call to schedule your free quote today.