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Landscape Lighting Installation in Portland, Oregon

Landscape Lighting Installation

It is common knowledge that your yard gets dark at night. This is an indisputable fact. But with a little landscape lighting, you can still enjoy your yard well after the sun goes down. Portland Landscape Pros offers a wide variety of landscape lighting to choose from that we install. We can install accent lights to highlight certain features of your yard, low voltage lights to keep the power consumption to a minimum, path lights to guide you and your guest’s feet to and from your home, and wash lights to illuminate a large portion of your yard for maximum visibility, and many more. Our skilled contractors can install the perfect landscape lighting setup that you need.

Accent Lights Service

If you are looking to only highlight a few areas of your yard or a landscape feature, then accent lights are the ideal solution for you. Accent lights focus a small amount of light onto a small area so that the area is illuminated and nothing else around it is. Accent lights are perfect for edging around a patio or deck or shining in trees or on hardscapes. With accent lighting, you can let your imagination go wild with how to use it. Just let the pros at Portland Landscape Pros install it for you.

Low Voltag Servicee

Lights Low Voltage lights are exactly what the name suggests. They are lights that require a low amount of voltage to power on so that you do not use up a lot of electricity when they are in use. These lights are great for small areas and obvious a long-term cost-effective lighting solution.

Deck Stair Lights Service

Deck stair lights are designed to light up the stairs on your deck. It is important to be able to see the steps on your deck at all times so that you do not trip and fall and injure yourself. Deck stair lights can help to prevent this by simply illuminating each step so that you can see exactly where your next footstep should go.

LED Lights

LED lights or light-emitting diode lights are a great landscaping lighting solution. LEDs do not consume a lot of power and yet provide a bright output. These are great for many different areas of your yard. You can use them as accent lights, deck lights, or as wash lights to illuminate a large area of your yard. They are great any way that you use them.

Solar Lights Service

Solar lights are lights that gather power during the day from the light of the sun and then illuminate automatically at night. These are very cost-effective lights that do not require a power draw from the home. Solar lights are not very bright, but make excellent path lights so that you and your guests can clearly see the pathway to and from your house.

Recessed Lights Service

Recessed lights are lights that are recessed into the structure. These are perfect for hardscapes like porches, gazebos, and awnings. They cast a good amount of light directly down and illuminate the area around it.

The Bottom Line Service

If you are needing landscape lighting around your home or business, give Portland Landscape Pros a call to install or repair existing lighting.