Fertilization and Weed Control in Portland

Lawn Fertilization services - Portland

Lawn Fertilization services

If you are having problems with your grass growing, you may have a fertilization issue. Or maybe you have too many weeds choking the roots of your grass that need to be killed in order for the grass to grow and thrive. Portland Landscape Pros is your solution to your woes. Your yard needs to be fed just like you do, in order to grow and thrive. Our team of landscapers know the best fertilizers to use for the grass that works best in the Portland area. They have years of experience working in the Portland area and know everything there is to know about the soil and vegetation.

If you are having issues with those pesky weeds and can’t seem to get rid of them using store-bought weed killers, then the landscapers at Portland Landscape Pros can get rid of those weeds for you. Our landscapers are licensed to use professional-grade weed killers that are guaranteed to get the job done. That is why we guarantee our work. We want your complete satisfaction, so we offer a full guarantee of our services.

Lawn Fertilization Service

Our lawn fertilization service is hands down the best lawn fertilization service in the Portland area. We understand the soil and vegetation of the Pacific Northwest better than anyone and we know exactly what it takes to make the grass in your yard grow the way that it should. Our professional landscaping team can fertilize any size yard and we can schedule a recurring visit to continue to fertilize it until it is thriving. Just give us a call today to get a free quote and schedule your lawn fertilization service.

Weed Control Service

Weeds grow where you least want them to. The pesky little plants are stubborn and don’t go down without a fight. Portland Landscape Pros brings the fight to them. Our team of professional landscapers carefully identify the invading weed and treat it with the proper chemical to kill it and only it. We want to ensure that we do not kill the grass growing in your lawn so our approach is focused. We treat each weed to make sure that the chemical gets to the root of the plant and ends it for good.

Outdoor Pest Management

If you are seeing the signs of pests, such as caterpillars and insects eating the plants in your garden, or creatures digging holes in your yard and rooting in your flower beds, then you need a professional team of landscapers to identify the pest and treat or remove the pest entirely. Portland Landscape Pros can quickly identify the pest causing the problem and we have a variety of ways to treat them so that they leave and do not return to your lawn, flower bed, or garden.

Give Portland Landscape Pros a call today or fill out our form to get your free quote on our lawn maintenance services. Let us do the dirty work for you so that you can enjoy the beauty of your lawn.